About Warlord 4E

So what is this about that dead card game?

My name is Arne Reuter, I live in Germany and I encountered the very first packs of Warlord in my local game store after I actively decided that I'd rather play with real humans face to face than spend my time online in Everquest (yes, it's been a while).

After my first game I got hooked and I soon started organizing tournaments for Warlord. Working at conventions for FFG at the time, I had the chance to go to GenCon UK and there met Sy Hughes and his crew - and quite a few other players (yes, the Greeks were there).

Coming back from that - and having won against Al'drich von Grossynkir as the first European player I had the idea of organizing an international event. Thus the idea for KoHIT - King of the Hill International Tournament was born and we started out the same year with 40 players from 9 countries, if I recall correctly.

The next few years that number climbed to around 120, and 182 - the largest Warlord tournament held on this planet. Then Epic Edition rolled around and a lot of players left the game for greener pastures, many for World of Warcraft (both the online and the card game).

In 2008 Alderac Entertainment announced that Warlord would be discontinued - as so many other CCGs had. I swiftly turned to my spreadsheets with the idea "what if...". Getting into contact with John Zinser he actually liked my plans and was extremely helpful getting Warlord 4th Edition off the ground. That is a rare thing by itself and speaks for his great character - he loves his games and the communities behind them. Simply put he goes out of his way to make his players happy.

At GenCon 2008 4th Edition debuted. It had the most balanced environment ever, and had shifted from a booster-driven game to a format where all the cards were contained in specific packs - the Adventure Pack Sets.

(to be continued)