Yavlo - Master of Fire

The Empire of Deverenia has likely lost the most in the war that shattered the Accordlands. The Emperor has perished and the power of the Storm is scattered.

Those Deverenians who have been forced through the portals make do best as they can, and formerly unknown leaders, mentally stable or not, have taken over the reign.


King Alaric, Son of Xod

The Dwarves still mourn their dead King Xod, but Prince Alaric has stepped into his fathers shoes and led his people through the strange lands of Thessyria.

Here they find cousins who take them in, but all is not right - dark secrets stand behind the survival of the Thessyrian Dwarves in light of the Daemonic invasion.


Daedelia - the Lady of Pain

Still cursed with just too brief a life span the necromantic Accordlands Elves encounter their equally stricken cousins, the Vaneris.

These Aquatic Elves fled the Daemonic invasion of their home woods and found refuge in the deep waters. Now their magic is devoted to keeping them alive in this hostile environment.

Free Kingdoms

Niobe - Queen of the Nymphs

Liberty is the foundation that keeps the Free Kingdoms united. While Sir Robert has once again taken up arms to defend the downtrodden, it is the rogues like Keziah, Logan Ebonwoulfe or the dual-wielding Talin Tzin who thrive.

Reduced in numbers, the Free Kingdoms armies, too, have found new allies, most notably Niobe, Queen of the Glades and Guardian of the banished gods of Thessyria.

The Isle of the gods and the surrounding archipelagos have become a safe (?) haven for the last free humans in Thessyria, many of whom have turned buccaneer like Captain Alera.


Scyrax - Siegemaster Goblin

Once dominated by their most brawny brethren, Thessyria has opened up new opportunities for the greenskin leaders who prefer a more brainy approach, like the Goblin Siegemaster Scyrax or Set'rokh, daughter of Sethusk, Master of Strategies in Uthanak's army.

The Chosen

Atiratu - Daemonic Provincial Governor

The Chosen are a Daemonic race specific to the 4E realm of Thessyria. Once Thessyria was a proud empire ruled by benevolent kings. But prosperity led to hubris which opened the way for a parasitic race to worm its way into the ruling elite, which celebrated itself by hiding behind elaborate masks.

Too late the Daemons were discovered, too many of them already had come through to this realm and now they summoned their powerful brethren from beyond and used blood magic to empower themselves.

The Chosen are an advanced faction for experienced players, using a unique mechanic sacrificing your own characters for effect.


Shah'syss - Sutek Champion

Mercenaries are the most heterogeneous faction of all. True Mercenaries or small sub-factions like the Sutek can be found here.

The true mechanical advantage of Mercenaries is that they and only they can be played in other faction's decks as reinforcements, coming into play without a faction penalty.

You can easily play successful pure mercenary decks, too, though, using for example Kerebus, Taisia, Shah'syss or Menhetiri.