How to Play

Hi! If you came here, you want to learn how to play the game. We'll show you. My name is Roona and I'll teach you how to crush your enemies.

And my name is R'Veeka. I am going to show Roona that Warlord is not about brawn, but about brains.

After each lession you can just follow the 'next' button to the following lesson or use the Navigation to the right.

Now, let's start, I am going to show you my Warlord!

Learn to Play

Interested in the game and you want to start right out of the box? Then go grab a Learn-to Play Set!

It contains two balanced decks: Shah'syss, a Sutek (Lizardman) Barbarian fighter and Yvaalis, daughter of the queen of the Merelves, an Elvish Archer rogue.

Apart from the two ready-to-play decks you'll find an abbreviated rules sheet only containing the rules you need, and a high quality D20 from Chessex.