I have selected Talin Tzin as my Warlord. Not only is he a strong melee character, but I am sure R'Veeka will be distracted by his character art.

Oh, you wish. I guess you are still fantasizing about Niobe. But let's get to the point, shall we?

Talin Tzin is a special character card - one of only three card types in Warlord. Talin Tzin is special, because he is your Warlord. You can only play one of these, and if it dies, you lose the game.

All characters are similar to role-playing characters but a the stats are a bit simplified in order to allow for quick gameplay.

The values in the top left are your melee attack values (or briefly ATK). This is a bonus to you die roll, when you physically attack an enemy within one rank (we are talking swords, knives, lances, that kind of stuff here). Many characters only have one value in there, meaning they only get one strike when they attack. Talin is an experienced character, though, he gets two strikes in one action. On the first strike he gets +5 to the roll, on the second +4.

The value in the top right is the armor class (or AC). This is the value you'd have to get in order to hit Talin. 16 is pretty high, reflecting his sneakiness.

Did I mention Talin is sneaky? The symbol in the middle (on the left side), the glove, tells you Talin is a rogue. He is level 5, which is the usual level for single-classed Warlords and he is a good rogue (Robin Hood-ish), hence the number is black on white.

To the lower left you see a white number in a blue gem, that value is called Skill. It is used both for Skill checks and Saving Throws (against Magic, for example).

Finally in the lower right in the blood drop you see the number of hit points (HP) Talin has. Once he receives his third wound, he will die (and you lose the game).

The text under his likeness tells you about his special abilities:

  • Talin has the Feat Riposte +3, allowing him to strike back once per turn after he has been attacked with a melee strike.
  • Did I say once per turn? Talin can actually do it twice per turn. You really don't want to go mano a mano with him!
  • Also three times per turn Talin can move forward or backward one rank after performing a melee strike. I'll tell you about ranks later.

This is pretty much it!

Niobe - Queen of the Nymphs