2. Starting Army

My turn. However powerful your Warlord is, he is nothing without his army. While a fighter might survive a while in the front rank, it's not a place for a wizard, for example. If you ever played fantasy role-playing game (the tabletop kind), you know all about that, don't you?

Regardless of the level of your Warlord, he is entitled to start with an army. For this you select three characters of level 1, who make up your first rank, and two characters of level 2, which you place in the second rank. The Warlord always starts in the third rank, with the army in front of him (or her), like this:

Those characters are part of your deck, but you can always select this starting army yourself, as long as the characters share the same faction as your Warlord.

For my first rank I selected Stanley. He already gets a bonus of +1 to about everything and thus has +2 ATK and 12 AC at the start, which will only get better once and if higher level characters come up:

For my second rank I select one Devlin Cormac and Angus Hammerfall.

Devlin can react to another of my characters hitting an opponent with a melee strike and move forward. That would immediately give the adjacent Stanleys another +1 ATK and +1 AC.

Angus is supposed to stay behind and hold the rank, but he has a ranged strike on his card, which means he can shoot over my first rank into the opposing first rank, and he is a rogue, which might be important when I need characters to play action cards (more about that later).

Learn to Play

Interested in the game and you want to start right out of the box? Then go grab a Learn-to Play Set!

It contains two balanced decks: Shah'syss, a Sutek (Lizardman) Barbarian fighter and Yvaalis, daughter of the queen of the Merelves, an Elvish Archer rogue.

Apart from the two ready-to-play decks you'll find an abbreviated rules sheet only containing the rules you need, and a high quality D20 from Chessex.