3. Initiative

Now that Roona has his starting line-up, and I have mine (see below), we each draw five cards from our carefully shuffled decks... Wait. Roona - let me cut your deck, just in case, you being my brother and all. The five cards are our hand and all we are going to get until the end of this turn (End of Turn is an important concept - just hold that thought for a little while longer).

To find out he goes first we each take a D20 (that's one of those strange 20-side roleplaying dice, for the uninitiated amongst you) and roll for initiative. Re-roll any ties.

After that each player takes one action only at a time, alternating with the other player. We'll explain possible actions in the next step. This goes on until both players don't have any actions left they can or want to play (effectively they 'pass'). It's only then that the turn ends, all cards get readied, you discard those cards from your hand that you don't want any more and draw new cards and finally roll a new initiative for the following turn.

You don't get to draw new cards before that new turn, unless you have a card effect that allows you to do so. This is a major difference from other well known fantasy card games!

Okay, here's my initiative roll: That's a 10 for me.

Wordy, wordy. Well, here's my roll - a 15. That means I'll get to do the first action.

And, by the way, one of those pretty Chessex D20s like the one below is included in every Warlord: Saga of the Storm Learn-to-Play Sets!

Learn to Play

Interested in the game and you want to start right out of the box? Then go grab a Learn-to Play Set!

It contains two balanced decks: Shah'syss, a Sutek (Lizardman) Barbarian fighter and Yvaalis, daughter of the queen of the Merelves, an Elvish Archer rogue.

Apart from the two ready-to-play decks you'll find an abbreviated rules sheet only containing the rules you need, and a high quality D20 from Chessex.