5. Reacts

Not so fast, brother, dear. As I said before, Amatria reacts with the ability printed on her card.

Reacts are usually printed on a Character, Action or Item card and will always tell you what the conditions for its use are. They come in two flavors: 'React: ...' or 'Spend React: ...'. 

For the latter the character who is going to use it has to be 'Ready', while the former can also be used by a character that is already spent. Oh - and just as with Spend Orders, you have to spend (turn sideways) your character as you use the Spend React.

In this case it's a simple React. You Stanley has to do Poison Check vs. 12 or die uttering horrible retching noises.

And I roll my Poison save... a 13, phew. Made the roll. Now my Devlin Cormac does his React and moves forward one rank, between the two ready Stanleys.

I am feeling generous today and am going to let you do this. Technically your React would have to come before mine, as according to [LINK TO FAQ/RULES]this list of react trigger hooks[/LINK] or whatever you want to call it, it's the hit before the kill.

Any other Reacts?


I'd love to spring more surprises on your, but unfortunately that'll have to wait until some other time. It's your turn now.

Learn to Play

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It contains two balanced decks: Shah'syss, a Sutek (Lizardman) Barbarian fighter and Yvaalis, daughter of the queen of the Merelves, an Elvish Archer rogue.

Apart from the two ready-to-play decks you'll find an abbreviated rules sheet only containing the rules you need, and a high quality D20 from Chessex.