Warlord has always in the majority been a player-run game. That means that you can be a Tournament Organizer, get your friends together and host an "official" tournament.

In order to make it a little bit more interesting I will be offering tournament prize packages in the shop, but those are entirely optional. They will contain Warlord product and/or promo cards, depending on the occasion.

In addition to this I will offer a changing set of tournament rules which last two months each. These tournament rules change the environment and certain card texts for the intended period of time only and are meant to spice up your game. Again - these are entirely optional. If you'd rather play "Vanilla 4E Warlord" you can certainly do that!



Overlord Challenges

Traditionally one of the most fun things to do in Warlord has been the Challenge System.

It all starts with Overlord: For your local tournaments you can get special Overlord promo cards (in the tournament kits). These either come with a complete deck, or allow you to build a special deck for your players on your own.

After a tournament, the first ranked player gets to challenge the Overlord deck (played by the next runner-up or the TO), and if he beats it, he gets to keep the Overlord card (if it was an Overlord with a deck pre-provided, you can also hand out the deck)!

Loki, 4E's first Overlord can also be played as a regular Warlord!