The Forced March rule

From a design point of view Warlord is special: Other than other popular games like Magic: The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast or the World of Warcraft TCG by UDE, Warlord doesn’t have a cost for playing characters.

Sure, you cannot play a level 4 character when you don’t have somebody sitting in rank 3, but at a certain point you have stabilized your ranks enough to play level 5 or even higher characters like the ever popular dragons. If you routinely achieve that, you’d always play the feisty lvl 4 and above characters, because once you start stunning them forward, no extra cost accrue.

From the design perspective this means that you have to be either very careful to design no too powerful higher level characters (but hey - this is part of the fun the d20 ties bring us - ultra-powerful monsters like dragons and heroes), give appropriate meta or have the Forced March rule.

For those not familiar with that rule: It states that whenever a stunned character falls forward another rank, it gets a wound. So for example, when a Terrorshard falls to the front (after flying to rank six, spending to five, stunning to four) it already has three wounds on him, making him much easier to handle for the opponent.

When previously dragon (or similar) decks became too powerful, some specific cards against that were introduced: Forced March, which nobody played because its uses were way too narrow, and Cerebrul, who offered a much better alternative, but still was played rather seldomly.

For Epic Edition the Design Team felt this posed too much of a limitation on higher level character options and introduced the Forced March rule and henceforth we saw level 4 characters with 3 hit points, level 5 characters with 4 hit points and so on.

Epic Edition failed. Was the Forced March rule part of the reason?

I’d like to know your opinion - so please vote in the poll to the right, which is going to stay open for two weeks.

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4 Responses to “The Forced March rule”

  1. Omrac77 Says:

    GOOD GOD KEEP THE STUNNED RULE………lets not go back to the old days of open when chaos ran amuck

    BALANCE…it’s all about BALANCE

  2. Kirill Says:

    Well I for one don’t like this rule, keeping rank structure for a wizard that’s getting beat down by a fighter army is difficult and when you just happen to stun to the front its game…this also prevents me from playing most of the high lvl characters I have because I don’t want to build a deck that focuses entirely on keeping rank structure. Also by the time you manage to bring out that lvl 7 that you so desperately want to play it will take ages for it to get to front rank in one piece. This is assuming that none of you characters die in the process, which will happen. I do realize that there are problems that come with removing this rule, I don’t want a DL to bring out 4 dragons in rank one against my pitiful army, nor do I want warlord to mimic stupid games like Yu-Gi-Oh…well the best I can say is that this is a tough question. My best guess would be to make some actions or items that prevent characters from suffering the effects of this rule if its not removed.

  3. joe babbitt Says:

    I can see arguments for both ways. It used to be that if you were a rarity if you were 4th level and had 3 HP, nowadays, if you are 4th level and have 2 HP, you better have a near broken ability to even be considered. I don’t care for that, even though it certainly doesn’t stop me from playing 3 HP 4th level guys by the dozens. On the other hand, I have scooped about a zillion times when Supremus/Stormchaser/SomeBigHardToKillDragon or something hit the table, stunned to the front with no wounding and then was readied by any number of means.

    My suggestion: what about a jet-lag type of effect? Like instead of taking a wound, you get an Exhaustion token. You cannot unstun or ready while you have any Exhaustion tokens. Exhaustion tokens may not be moved or destroyed by card effects, with the following exception: Any effect that would ready or unstun this character instead removes an Exhaustion token. Otherwise, you may remove an Exhaustion token during the Ready phase.

    I haven’t given deep thought to this plan, just an idea. This way, you wouldn’t have annoying situations like the one listed above, and you wouldn’t necessarily have to give out a lot of HPs. A 4th that stuns to the front will be up only 1 turn later than normal (which is a harsh penalty, I understand) and readying effects will lessen the penalty, and you would have to use a LOT of them to ready Dragons and other huge things. This may make some Dragons really huge Towers of the Steel Rose, but that is the cost for sending a Dragon to the front rank Priority Overnight. Also, just because they are stunned on the front rank doesn’t mean they are dead in the water. Most Dragons have an obscene AC, and tons of HP, and can still be healed.

  4. ILLUVATAR85 Says:

    Keep that rule

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