Quo Vadis, Warlord?

There often are interesting comments on my posts, comments that fear about the future of Warlord, the direction it is going, general concerns.

Time to set something straight, I guess. Are you going to get the new super-polished, conquer the T/CCG world game that sets the standard for the 21st century?

Err, no.

Will we be striving to make Warlord a long-running most fun experience?

Yup, that’s the plan. The game itself, playing it with friends, single- of multiplayer is first. Then the ability to test your mettle, however important that might bre for you, in your playgroup, based on a club or one of the relatively few remaining stores.

Then the ability to challenge - TOs at the lowest levels, Dragon Lord runners at the next, or even to meet the guys working on the game at GenCon or KoHIT. At last the ability to become a world-wide recognized player, a legend.

But how are we going to get there? Are we going to go into big time print advertising? No way. Warlord is Guerilla all the way. We need the players who currently play, we need players to come back and we need new players to keep Warlord alive for another seven years. But it’s going to happen from player to player, it’s going to happen within the community that finds together in online boards.

Our kind of advertising is going to be to have people play Warlord in the hallways of GenCon at night, showing people how much fun it is. Or maybe shout down the war chanting players of other games, again. Warlord is (has ever been) the underdog, the niche game, the spectacular insider tip. That is not going to change.

What is going to change is the fact that you’ll get more information from me, that I am much more accessible than AEG, that making Warlord fun is my absolute priority.

And this blog? It’s not a professionally designed tool for press releases. It’s a tool where I tell about what it’s like to produced Warlord and what we have in store for you - more or less unfiltered. I dare lay out ideas in front of you, giving you a chance to give me feedback, either in the forums or in a comment.

An international “Pro” league for Warlord is not what you would like to see? Well, it might have been misleading to call it a “Pro” league. It’s not a league where paid professional card players play Warlord - it’s a fun international online league whose structure is modelled after current pro leagues like the NBA. That’s all. Just something to have fun with. It’s not a focus, it’s a fun thing to do, after we have a working Organized Play system in place.

This hopefully helps you to understand what I am getting at.

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8 Responses to “Quo Vadis, Warlord?”

  1. Omrac77 Says:

    first of…the BIGGEST complaint is…it is NOT our responsibilty to promotoe or advertise the game….that is 1 big flaw set by AEG

    its just not going to survive if thats the mindset so far

  2. David Says:

    I’m usually very partial and try to defend those who deserve it… but Omrac, you really need to relax.. your comments have been nothing but negative and un-optimistic (and no… that DOESN’T make them realistic). I agree that warlord needs advertising… but you have no idea how expensive that really is. This needs to get going, but it’s going to be slow going. Warlord it’s going to turn into Magic in a day. The player base really needs to just have fun with the BASIC parts of the game and if possible, enjoy the OTHER things you can do to be MORE involved (ie. order, OP, challenge systems, etc.) Not being able to do those things does NOT make WL a bad game in any way. WL itself is a fun game that can be played with a bunch of COMMONS and UNCOMMONS. You don’t need to have a rare heavy deck to do WELL (NOT win) in a tournament. You don’t need to be a suitcase player to have fun. And you don’t need PI calling you on a Saturday morning to wake you up and ask you if you want limo service to your local game store. So… get up and play the fun game we all fell in love with and stop being so negative.

    I applaud PI and Arven for the effort they’re showing in helping re-establish the fun and excitement the game used to have back in the day. please keep up the good work and don’t let people kill your enthusiasm.


  3. Mike Says:

    David Said everything ;)

  4. Omrac77 Says:

    without a doubt I applaud PI & Arven for stepping up

    BUT, hopefully they can…um…oh I dont know…NOT make the same errors AEG did, I believe thats the point of why he BOUGHT the game basically

    for years its been “up to the players” to advertise….and um….look where it got Warlord……………..canceled

    I shed tears for the game, and I in all honesty would love to see it back
    but it is NOT our responsibility entirely to do so

  5. Kirill Says:

    There is no need to do flashy marketing to get new players, just market the game to a wider variety of game stores. Seriously, I walk into some of these stores and ask them “Do you carry warlord?” and most of the time I get a response “Carry what?”. When people see this stuff on the shelves they are more likely to get interested and start a play group. I was only introduced to warlord because I happened to be in a place that has a warlord playgroup, I’ve never heard of it until then. However, if you are simply planning to keep the game alive for those who are interested in it then there is no reason to waste money on marketing…

  6. omrac77 Says:

    then the concept of profit & survival cannot be in your too long of a future

  7. Arven Says:

    @Omrac (and others): I really do appreciate your concerns. We’ll have some form of advertising, once you see it you might not recognize it as such, though. Advertising is always difficult: It’s very expensive without having any guarantee on its working. That’s why we have to rely on the existing player’s network.

    Warlord is much more a community game now.

    That’s the base. Once it is established, we can move out from there. But in the end, I’d rather have a game that is produced for the next three years (and beyond) than go out with a blaze of glory and just have one set produced. That would be extremely unfair to those people trusting me with their investment (literally through the Ordo Phoenicis Ascendentis). I am being entrusted a lot of money to keep the game alive. That’s what I am going to do. There are no stockholders behind me who are solely interested in shareholder value - it’s just you, the Warlord players.

    Yes, I want to grow the game. I need to grow the game. But it’s going to be in small steps.

  8. Omrac77 Says:

    Im sorry Arven….I just have lingering rage from the past few years of Warlord
    Indeed I can only imagine how expensive it must be to advertise

    all in all I just want the game in the top 5 ccgs again…..tee hee…that would make me really happy

    and um…if we can get some awesome dwarves spoiled…..wink wink

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