KublaCon spoilers

To confirm what people learned at KublaCon, here are five (!) new cards spoiled to the winners, including a bonus one:

Artheon Babbling Mouther Rress Chosen Quick Strength

For anybody who wonders why these: Artheon is the quintessential classic elf - powerful attack and fragile defense. Babbling Mouther is a d20 staple monster - and one of the few that has four attacks. Rress symbolizes Nothrog quickness, Chosen emphasizes the struggle of Good vs. Evil that will play a big role in Warlord 4E. Lastly Quick Strength is an important puzzle piece for all clerical roles.

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2 Responses to “KublaCon spoilers”

  1. thetarn Says:

    ARTHEON!! The best level 2 archer ever! Ress is The Northrog. 4E is really looking good.

  2. Omrac77 Says:

    artheon love

    but it doesnt make much of a new game
    when theres so much stuff that was already in Epic and CE

    theres sooooo much more that can be brought back
    like artheon, magma, and babbling other are an awesome start

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