Crimson Coast Pre-Releases

Yesterday we had our local Pre-Release for Crimson Coast. Wow! I didn’t reckon I would be playing, but we turned out to be 15 so I joined to make it even.

The format we play for (pre-)releases is: 2 rounds of sealed with the deck of your choice, plus 3 rounds of swiss with a constructed deck for the same Warlord. This way the lunch break is used both for frantic deck building as well as food.

I picked Pinion, since nobody else selected him (all other factions were accounted for) and luckily Oliver Schaaf had already a constructed deck for him with him (he came down from Hamburg for the day).

I ended up being 4th, but more importantly, there is a huge bunch of new and interesting cards in the set. I’ll just use the space below to show you a few yet unspoiled ones that came to my attention yesterday.

From my own deck:

Quicksilver Gargoyle


Amber Gargoyle






Jewel Spider Web

The cards are on their way world-wide, so you should be having your own (pre-)releases very soon. Have fun!

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4 Responses to “Crimson Coast Pre-Releases”

  1. Lancaster Says:

    Never get Jonah in a party with you! :P

  2. BaronFireblade Says:

    Great news!
    Nice cards! Can`t wait to get them…
    The Quicksilver Gargoyle really looks mean!

  3. Solitaris Says:

    How on earth were you able to pilot THAT deck to 4th place? :D
    Your die must have gone crazy again :p

  4. Vinicius Says:

    Now with the release done, anybody knows when we get the full spoiler?

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