Focus on GenCon

Now that almost everything is taken care of production-wise, my focus shifts towards GenCon (still so much to do, though). I love GenCon. It’s one of the best times of the year, and for me about the only time to meet my friends in the US.

Reason enough to put up a new Poll: Are you going to be at GenCon? Let me know!

As for the orders: Give me a little bit of time to sift through all of them. I’ll bring some product to GenCon for you to pick up, some will be sent immediately after GenCon. The Ordo Phoenicis Memberships should be updated by the end of next week.

Remember: You can still pre-order the Treasure Chest as long as it is still available.

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6 Responses to “Focus on GenCon”

  1. Blake Says:

    Does this mean that you will send out the “European” ASP not now?

  2. Brian Says:

    The link to order the Treasure Chest is broken. It includes an extra “http//”. If you click the link and is says the page doesn’t exist, just delete the extra “http//” (at least until the link is fixed. :)

    [Ed.: Thank you! Fixed now.]

  3. Greg Says:

    Will the Treasure Chest be available for sale at GenCon itself?

  4. Arven Says:

    Yes, I will send out the European orders - at least those without the Treasure chest.

    Yes, the Treasure Chest will be available for sale at GenCon - at least that’s the plan ;-).

  5. Swashbuckler Says:

    I’m in for the Con for the first time in many years.

  6. fastflare65 Says:

    Please say that GP redemption will be available at Gen Con!

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