Ancient Lore Cleric Actions

By now you have seen all the new characters, actions and items from the regular APS. Ancient Lore is a “freak” addition. The underlying storyline (as much as there is) for the City of Gold expansion was that there were rumors of huge treasures in a sunken city, knowledge and powerful magic from ages ago.

All the factions then sent armies on the quest for this city. As it turns out, the city is the old home of a race called now “the Golden Ones.”, a highly magical race that was only challenged by another powerful empire, that of the Sutek.

At this point nobody knows how it came to pass, but somehow these two races went to a final war and then oblivion. What we find of them these days is but a hollow shadow of their past (both the Sutek and characters like Meri-es-anch).

With that background, what can the warriors of Warlord expect to find, if and when they find the City of Gold? Ancient Lore of course…

Here are the new cleric actions:

embolden.jpg  False God’s Council  Spiked Ale  Champion of the Faith

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