KoHIT X results

The last KoHIT turned out to be bitter-sweet: It was great to see some of the old guard there - Sy Hughes made his way over from the UK, bringing along Tom and Ellen van Kerkhoven from Belgium. Carlos Gaedtke came all the way from Brazil - again! and indomitable Manolis Trahiotis came from Athens.

Some last minute cancellations could have dampened spirits, but in the end everything went okay - the location turned out to be ideal for our purpose.

Special kudos go out to Oliver Maschmeier - he is the only person to attend all 10 KoHITs as a player (Manolis is the other person to have been at every single one of them).

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KoHIT X Singles

  1.  Marius Etschel, Yavlo the Kindled
  2. Alexander Wycisk, Set’rokh
  3. Andreas Marquardt, Shah’syss
  4. ‘Olaf’ König, Serif Al Havoc

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KoHIT X Doubles

  1.  Wellmann / Wycisk, Free Kingdoms
  2. Müller / Sitcer, Nothrog
  3. Bourvaris / Kalaitzakis Elf / Mercernary
  4. Adloff / Etschel, Nothrog

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KoHIT X Ancients

  1.  Sebastian Bugla, Nothrog
  2. Marius Etschel, Dwarf
  3. Alexander Kalaitzakis, Free Kingdoms
  4. Alexander Wycisk, Dwarf

KoHIT X Ultimate King of the Hill

  1. Marco Wellmann
  2. Sebastian Bugla

It’s been a great 10-year run. Thanks to all the participants - some unforgettable memories have been forged (see the Cardmasters forum)

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