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The first tournament

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Not all playtesting groups are able to physically assemble in one place. They test online.

This in fact gave me an idea: The members of the Ordo Phoenicis Ascendentis have shown their will to invest into the game. Why not reward them, I did promise special perks after all, didn’t I?

What we can give a try, is to have the actual first official Warlord tournament online, on a week-end closely before GenCon. Every Ordo Phoenicis Ascendentis member will be eligible to join and I’ll manage the tournament from my home. It would start some time on a Sunday afternoon my time, so players from either the Americas and Europe (as far as I am aware there are no players in Asia) could participate.

For prizes we’ll simply have some gold pieces for use in the online shop. The best prize of course is competing in the very first tournament and see decks of other players, giving you a head start for GenCon and the first tournament season. Then, if this model works, we might actually do it again (the Ordo Phoenicis Ascendentis christmas tournament on Dec. 26th from your cushy home, anyone?), including online challenges.

I look forward to seeing the first tournament winning deck!